Orlando Guerrero
Orlando Guerrero

HC Triple: 225 lbs

Deadlift: 385 lbs (x 5)

Snatch: 190 lbs

Bench: 240 lbs

Hiked in & out of Grand Canyon

Climbed Mt. Rainier

Hiked a few other 14'ers


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

CrossFit Gymnastics


Orlando Guerrero

About Coach

I got into CrossFit back in 2011 right here at Atomic. After being a regular member for a few years, people were starting to suggest I become a coach since I always helped them on movements when they got stuck. Eventually, I took the plunge and I've been coaching since 2018.

Turning Point

Up into my early 20's, I was a regular smoker. I participated in a softball game when I was 24-25 and went in thinking nothing of it since I played on a couple SB teams plus many years playing regular baseball. After hitting a double, I made it to second base and was literally dying. I couldn't breathe and had to take a good 5 minutes to get back in the game. It was a very humbling reality check. I cut the smoking for a good, changed my eating habits, hit the gym and got results. I got off course for a few years, but decided to make a permanent change once I approached 30 and it's made all the difference in my life. I only wish I started doing all of this way earlier!

Motivation & Passion

My passion is fitness, plain and simple. Helping others make changes & achieve what they thought they could never do is my biggest drive as a coach.