Grace Patenaude
Grace Patenaude

The Original OG of Atomic


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)


Grace Patenaude

About Coach

I started working in the fitness industry in the mid 1980’s as an instructor for indoor cycling, bootcamp and many other group classes as well as a personal trainer for recreational bodybuilder and weight loss training. In my early days, I competed individually in a triathlon, various marathons,  local amateur bodybuilding, local powerlifting, local olympic weightlifting and with a team at the 2011 CF South Central regionals.

Turning Point

Since discovering CrossFit in 2007, I realized that fitness is beyond just the physical well being. This was the beginning of my awareness that health and fitness come hand in hand; physical, social, emotional, mental as well as the importance of longevity with quality of life. As a founding owner, manager & coach at Atomic CrossFit from 2008-2018, I have seen how this gym has profoundly impacted people’s lives.

Motivation & Passion

Now in my retirement, I currently hold the CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certification and enjoy helping the members at Atomic CrossFit have a great and fun experience in my classes.