Daniel Ward
Daniel Ward

Competed at the 2013 CrossFit Games with Atomic's Affiliate Team


BS in Exercise Science from Texas Tech

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

CrossFit Gymnastics


NSCA Certified Personal Trainer


Daniel Ward

About Coach

I began doing crossfit.com workouts in mid-2009 at an old gym that I used to work at. I joined Atomic CrossFit in 2010 and began coaching shortly after.

I have been competing in CrossFit since 2010. I have done dozens of competitions, but I would say the highlight to this point has been qualifying for the CrossFit Games in 2013 as an affiliate team with Atomic. Most people will never be able to take the competition floor at that level, so that’s something I will always hold on to.

Turning Point

Being an athlete growing up, I have been in the health and fitness field most my life. Once I got into college, I really started to enjoy the science of it and learning how the body moves and operates. This led me down a path towards exercise science and physiology, and eventually towards teaching movement and sports performance.

Motivation & Passion

I think my passion and love for coaching comes from the desire to see others succeed. I love seeing people learn what their bodies are capable of and push past boundaries they never thought they could. Having a hand in someone transforming their life for the better makes everything worth it.