Daniel Standifer
Daniel Standifer

10k in 48:40

Half-Marathon in 2:13:30

2nd Place in Local Competition

Fight Gone Bad: 327

Putting on 20lbs of MUSCLE!!!


Registered Nurse

Certifications in BLS and ACLS

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)


Daniel Standifer

About Coach

My time as a coach at Atomic CrossFit has been great. I have been with Atomic since 2013 and coaching since 2016. I enjoy leading a group, programming fun, but challenging workouts, and helping people tune their body awareness. Although not classically trained, I am fairly proficient in gymnastics movements and love helping people achieve proficiency as well.

Turning Point

A major turning point for me was an interaction I had with previous owner and coach Jim Kelly. I once asked him for a program to help me build strength, he flat out said "no." My immediate reaction was one of disdain, but this was the catalyst for me to take my growth into my own hands. I did research, talked to others and started a lifting regimen. One evening, months later, Jim commended me for the gains and progress I made. I realized that his denial was the gift I had asked for. I realized that if I want something, anything, I am the only thing standing in my way. If you want something you can make it happen if you simply try.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to pass on what I have learned from others and taught myself. I am impassioned to serve those who have ambition to grow and put in hard work to achieve what they desire.